The death of The Prodigy’s much-loved KEITH FLINT by his own hand left countless people – ravers, rockers, ’90s veterans, lovers of pop and good times in general – shocked, saddened and broken up. Numerous stories emerged afterwards confirming that, far from the twisted firestarter of the videos, Keith was a friendly, warm and above all kind man. It was desperately unfair that evidently he could not feel the happiness that he brought to millions. 

Friend of the show and radio producer ROBIN LEEBURN traveled to Braintree for Keith’s memorial service last Friday and spoke to Keith’s fans and friends. Here’s what he saw and heard, as a special mini-edition of BIGMOUTH and a way to remember a lovely man who deserved a much longer, happier life.

Recorded and produced by Robin Leeburn for BIGMOUTH. 


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