How do you become a Biz woman who ROCKS? Listen to our Interview with Jenn Page of Luminave Films! Jenn Page was directing her siblings in her home movies when she was a kid (don't worry, I promised her I wouldn't put them on here!). So it was no surprise that after years of being an "aspiring actress," she decided to make directing her career and began Luminave, a film company dedicated to producing films for and by women! She's worked with actors like Shirley Jones, Lee Meriwether, Eric Roberts, Corey Feldman, and Vincent Irizarry. In this inspirational interview, Jenn shares how she leads and organizes her team, how she organizes herself and where she gets 90% of her clients! Jenn's Kick-A$$ Quotes: I do this for the art. I want to make a living at it, but it's not about winning Oscars for me. It's about making a living doing what I love, making beautiful pictures. People are everything. Relationships are everything. I am a true believer in scheduling time for yourself. Jenn's Favorite 5: 1. Biz Book: The Four Agreements People by Don Miguel Ruiz (get a free audio of this book now! 2. Business Tool: All Google tools - especially Google Keep! 3. Move: Love Actually 4. Ice Cream: okay, it's not ice cream, but she loves Rita's Ice 5. Date with her man: Disneyland!