How do you become a Biz woman who ROCKS? Listen to our Interview with Alease Michelle of Alease Michelle Studios! Alease Michelle was a very successful artist whose friends kept asking her how she did it. So, she began putting on informal workshops to help others leverage social media, just as she was doing. Eventually, these educational sessions became a formal business, complete with a coaching program, group coaching, books, helpful products and an entire movement called the Lady Boss Community! She helps people in the pre-start up phase with their marketing strategies, specializing in social media. In this inspirational interview, Alease holds nothing back (and I keep digging in!) and reveals her internal business - how she came up with her coaching program pricing, how she builds her email list, how and why she structures her webinars and what habits she's created that help her stay organized. Ah-may-zing!! I guarantee you'll leave with some new ideas that will be immediately useful in your entrepreneurial journey!