How do you become a Biz woman who ROCKS? Listen to our Interview with Farnoosh Torabi of So Money Podcast to Find Out! You may very well know Farnoosh Torabi as an established, well-respected personal financial expert. She contributes regularly for Money Magazine, Yahoo! Finance and The Today Show! She's also the author of 3 super successful books on the topic: You're So Money, Psych Yourself Rich and When She Makes More. However, during this very authentic interview, Farnoosh talks about launching her new podcast So Money as a way to finally establish her own she owns and can leverage to make a difference in the world! She candidly talks about the new world of podcasting, her goals for creating products that will help her tribe, how she creates engagement from her audience and a super amazing awesome (yes, I just said those three words together) marketing strategy for launching her new book successfully!!!