Jill Donovan was a reluctant entrepreneur. After years as an attorney, she only wanted to continue her hobby of making super cool cuffs (bracelets) just that...a hobby. But when more and more people were demanding her product, a friend convinced her to charge for it and BOOM! A business was born! Since then, Rustic Cuff has grown to be a huge company offering Jill's gorgeous designs. In this amazing interview, Jill talks about her transition going from doing it all herself to delegating to and leading a team of 35 people! She reveals a brilliant marketing tactic she used early on that paid off big time for her and that she still continues to leverage. And of course, we talk about social media, because with 182,000 people following her on her Facebook page - who are incredibly active, by the way - she shares her practical strategies to accomplishing that. Don't miss this incredible business interview with Jill! http://BizWomenRock.com/217