I think I subconsciously created this Mompreneur Series because of Maria Dismondy.  She’s been a dear friend of mine ever since we were in a mastermind together in 2015.  We’re currently accountability partners, so I have the advantage of having an intimate view of how Maria manages her business and her kids and I always stand in awe.  Of course she has tough times, times when things don’t go according to plan - which we definitely discuss in this interview - but she has created an incredible mompreneur life that I greatly respect!  Maria is a children’s book author, having written 8 books that teach kids character and she’s also owns Cardinal Rule Press, her publishing company.  She speaks to schools both live and in person and overall, runs an incredibly impressive empire “part time” and from her house!


Maria is the mother of 3 kids, Ruby, Leah and Dexter and during this incredible conversation, Maria shares incredible tips on how she manages her time so she can be a full time mom (read: does not have regular childcare) and grow her business in the mornings, during nap times and at night!  Because I know Maria to be a super creative person with a teaching background, she also shares AMAZING ideas on how to plan the time she spends with her kids!  She shares about how she has a “Crafts Closet,” full of goodies that she can take out and use on a whim, how she relies heavily on Pinterest to come up with ideas on fun projects to do and, after the interview, Maria shared with me that she creates seasonal bucket lists with her kids so she doesn’t get into a run or ever run out of fun things to do!  This interview is full of great strategies and ideas on how to get the most out of your mompreneur journey!


Here’s a pic of her Crafts Closet :)


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Check out more about Maria here → http://MariaDismondy.com


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