When it comes to money and your business, there are a few major categories of money to address.

Making more money - the sexiest and more prevalent conversation we have Money Mindset - the “softer” side of money that truly determines our success Investing our money - how we’re spending wisely Organizing our finances - the practical - and not-so-often discussed tips and tricks that have a major impact on our businesses!

Today, we’re talking about that last one...organizing our finances...because there are very simple ways you can do so that will not only benefit your ability to do those other 3 well, but ultimately SAVE YOU TIME…

Because you want to be spending time building your business, not managing your money full time.

So I brought on the amazing Heather Robertson-Devine.  She’s the owner of Books del Sur.  She works with publishers and authors in Latin American countries and distributes authentic Spanish books to public schools all around the US.  She started her business in 2009 and at that time, offered just 12 book titles...now, in 2018, she offers 300! Her business had a major shift in 2015 when she made a profit for the first time and then again in 2016 when she had a mindset shift that she was not just “a teacher selling books,” but a business owner.  Each of these seasons of Heather’s business life have dictated specific and evolving ways to organize her finances, and today, we’re discussing them in detail.

We talk about…

How and why she used a specific type of business credit card when she first started her business How she transitioned from her “shoebox” method to a spreadsheet method to her current integrated, online method What tools she uses currently and how it all works together to make money management simple Why she hires out her daily financial management to a team member (the practical and emotional reasons!) Why she established a monthly financial meeting with her team and the difference it’s made in her business growth

We both discuss how we’ve used simple tools, like financial tracking tools and business bank accounts in order to manage cash flow, earn extra benefits and ultimately, be on top of our business finances!

Tip: Consider a business credit card, like the #ChaseInk Business Unlimited credit card [https://bit.ly/2pxzu4c], to simplify your business finances.

I’m even giving you access to a totally FREE Money Bundle so you can start using some of these tools we discuss immediately!  It includes…

A step by step of the tips Heather and I discuss My Financial Focus Spreadsheet (helps you project and track money coming in!) A diagram of how I organize my Chase Business bank accounts (based heavily on the Profit First method) A link to my all time fav money tracking app A link to the Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card - seriously, the EASIEST business credit card out there!

You can get all of it at http://BizWomenRock.com/moneybundle

If you’ve been spending way too much time managing your business finances (or way too much time worrying how to organize them better), then this episode is for you!


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