The moment Kendra Hennessey came into my space, I knew I had to talk to her.  She’s the Founder of Mother Like a Boss, an online company that is dedicated to bringing homemaking into the present helping moms better run their homes so they and everyone in their family can thrive.  


She started her entrepreneurial journey as a house cleaner and after 10 years of that, decided she was done and wanted to do something that really lit her up.  So in January 2016, she began Mother Like a Boss and spent the next year stumbling as she tried to figure out what the brand actually was and how she could best serve.  


During our conversation, Kendra shares her story about how she first began creating platforms where her audience could be attracted to her, some of her biggest failures that eventually forced her to LISTEN to what her moms really wanted...versus what she THOUGHT they wanted.  And a collaboration that not only grew her audience but shot her business into an entirely new stratosphere!


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