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Blues Town Podcast #361

  1. Shakura S'Aida-Outskirts Of Memphis
  2. Fiona Boyes-Juke Joint on Moses Lane
  3. Nobody's Business-Brand New Me
  4. Toronzo Cannon-Insurance
  5. Bruce Katz Band-Beef Jerky
  6. Ace Moreland-Am I Blue Enough
  7. Omar and The Howlers-Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
  8. Martin Harley-Roll With The Punches
  9. Eric Clapton-County Jail Blues
  10. Ina Forsman , Katarina Pejak , Ally Venable-The House is Rockin
  11. Chris Wragg and Greg Copeland-Deep in the Blood
  12. Ghost Town Blues Band-Soda Pop
  13. Tennessee Redemption-Watch Yourself
  14. Kevin Purcell and the Nightburners-Shake em On Down