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If you're curious about where the Blues Revival of the 1960s got its start, you might want to take a look at "The Country Blues," from 1959, "Blues Fell This Morning," from 1960, and "Really! The Country Blues," from 1962. While the first two were designed as audio companions to groundbreaking books of the same name — by Sam Charters and Paul Oliver, respectively — the third one, from Origin Jazz Library, was conceived, apparently, as a deliberate act of "one upmanship" over Sam Charters (Pete Whelan, one of the founders of OJL, later complained that the country blues Charters had written about hadn't quite been "real enough"). Each of them, in their own way, were highly influential when they came out — and in no small part, helped to spark the Blues Revival of the 1960s. Join us then, as we celebrate three classic slabs of vinyl from the very advent of the Blues Revival — on this episode of Blues Unlimited.

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