Conventional wisdom holds that marinating and grilling are always to be done in that order: the former before the latter. But why, really, when the moisture and sugar in most marinades can actually cause a protein to simultaneously steam and burn without ever truly searing? Adam Rapoport and Carla Lalli Music discuss recipes that flip the script. After that, Amiel Stanek goes over the basics of charcoal grilling.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Grilled Swordfish with Tomatoes and Oregano

Grilled Summer Squash and Red Onion with Feta

Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Thyme

Soy Sauce-Marinated Grilled Flank Steak and Scallions

Jalapeño-Marinated Grilled Pork Chops

Grilled Red Snapper with Green Beans and Lime

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