01 "I heard it through the grapevine" Andre Williams & The Quality Controls
02 "I do the Jerk" Bill Pinkney
03 "Jam sandwich" Eddie Cochran
04 "The Ostrich" The Primitives
05 "What a way to die" Pleasure Seekers
06 "I only want to be with you" Phase Four
07 "Why has it gotta be me" Roger Mathews
08 "He was really something" The Velvelettes
09 "I gotta go now (on the dance floor)" Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers
10 "Let's monkey again" The Persians
11 "Growth" The Guys who came up from downstair
12 "You've got to leave" The Telstars
13 "Out of my mind" The Chantelles
14 "Oh those eyes" The Vagrants
15 "Love & Things" Yesterday's Children
16 "The Dip" Rupe Howard & the Jades
17 "Do the Ape" Willie Wicher
18 "Mr. Santa Claus" Nathaniel Mayer
19 "Cine Qua Pop" Michel Magne & Jean Yann
20 "Lésions si dangereuses" Les Synapses
21 "Out of sight, Out of mind" Bit'A Sweet