Our guest this week is Jason Tate - writer, music enthusiast, podcaster and founder of Absolute Punk. Amidst some technical issues, we spoke with Jason about his Absolute Punk journey, the advice he'd offer to bands who want their music heard by bloggers, and what happens when the internet meets real life...


  • Jason tells us the 3 things everyone should know in the fast time ever - he’s a record breaker
  • We chat to Jason about Absolute Punk and hear the story behind its creation
  • If this episode was an episode of Friends, it would be called “The One Where Ross is a Pixelated Mess”
  • We talk about the role websites like Absolute Punk play today
  • Ross tells Jason that Absolute Punk was the case study for his degree dissertation
  • Ross and Marcio tell Jason about the impact Absolute Punk has had on our musical journey
  • Jason tells us about a strange encounter he had with a reader of Absolute Punk
  • “I am an Internet thing” - Jason Tate, 2015
  • We talk about how important integrity is when it...  

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