We spoke with Canadian photographer Jay Perry about finding your passion, his recent TEDx Talk and the role of education in becoming a photographer. We also talk about his fundraising organisation Friends With Hearts and how a trip to Haiti changed his life.

  • Jay used to be in a band called Holiday and sold his guitar to fund starting his photography career
  • Doritos!
  • Jay talks about how what he thought was his passion turned out not to be
  • We hear about Jay’s recent TEDx Talk: “Why Your Passion Might Not Be What You Think It Is”
  • When you’re passionate about something, hard work doesn’t feel like hard work at all
  • Jay tells us about his trips to Haiti and how it unexpectedly led to him becoming a full-time photographer
  • We discuss authenticity and technique in photography
  • The best camera you have is whatever one you have with you (and yup, that can be an iPhone!)
  • Jay tells us his thoughts on the role that education plays in photography - and it depends on your learning...  

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