This week we’re joined by Alabama based singer/songwriter Jessica Meuse. In 2013/14 Jessica competed on American Idol, finishing in 4th place and was the first person in the history of the show to perform an original song, “Blue-Eyed Lie,” during the finals. She went on to tour with the Idols LIVE Tour in summer 2014, visiting 40 different cities in the United States and Canada.

Post Idol, Jessica released her first independent single, “Done”, and in January 2016 she released her second independent single, “Rio Grande,” with plans to release an EP soon. We hear all about Jessica’s experiences of the music industry, the misconceptions that surround a show like American Idol and the advice she’d offer to her fellow musicians.


  • Jessica tells us about the relationship she has with her fans (aka the self-named Meuse Mafia)
  • “If your fans think you’re a douchebag, they aren’t going to support you” - Jessica Meuse, 2016
  • We hear how Jessica wants to set a good example to her fans, especially...  

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