Joining us this week out of Toronto is mastering engineer João Carvalho. João began his mastering career in the mid-1990’s while producing records for many of Canada’s groundbreaking artists of the time, and opened his own studio, João Carvalho Mastering in 2003.

In 2011, to further his passion for the ultimate in audio production, João partnered with three colleagues and opened the doors to Revolution Recording. To date, Joao has worked on over 2000 records, with clients including The Smashing Pumpkins, Alt J, Fun, and Protest the Hero. In this interview, we hear more about the mastering process, and the advice João would offer to musicians.


  • Joao tells us about his experience of being nominated for a GRAMMY
  • Joao breaks down the role of a mastering engineer for us
  • We hear how most mastering engineers start out recording and mixing before moving into mastering
  • Joao explains to us what a mastering engineer does, and why it’s important to have your mixes mastered
  • “Loud is good! I’m not afraid of loud as long as you can still make it sound dynamic” - Joao Cavalho
  • Joao tells us how artists can make sure their mixes are as mastering-ready as possible
  • We talk about how a good mastering engineer will know when less is more

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