Lee Safar is a singer/songwriter and music entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia. We talked with Lee about her experience with Twilight fans, lessons learned in the music industry, and her music entrepreneurship platform, The Music Spring. Can you count the F-bombs?

  • Lee tells us how music was the trigger for changing her life completely
  • Lee drops numerous F-bombs
  • We hear how Lee’s music was almost featured on the Twilight soundtrack and everything that happened around it, and how hilarious it was that after everything, she wasn’t included
  • Lee describes first-hand the power of the retweet!
  • We hear about Lee’s ambitious new album project where her fans are going to co-write the new record, “Love and Other Delusions”
  • Lee tells us how she came up with the idea for her music entrepreneurship platform, The Music Spring
  • Marcio and Ross share how the idea for Bridge the Atlantic was sparked (thanks, MusicBizCast!)
  • Lee talks about how she thinks passion is going to be...  

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