This week we’re joined by Steve Palfreyman all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Steven is an artistpreneur who helps creative people thrive. He’s a marketing consultant and coach, and recently launched Music Launch Hub which aims to help musicians collaborate and support each other. Steve’s big on growing communities built on reciprocity, just like we are. We had a great chat with Steve about some of the mistakes artists make when marketing their music, the importance of telling stories, and his new Music Launch Hub community.


  • Steve is an empath, and this has shaped the way he approaches everything
  • We’re all a little bit weird, and this is probably why we all get along!
  • Whether we want to admit it, we all want people to like us
  • Steve tells us how he’s working on putting more of himself out there, rather than being who thinks people want him to be
  • We talk about some of the biggest mistakes artists are making when marketing themselves
  • A lot of artists think they need to do things...  

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