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The GREAT Bob Shane of The Kingston Trio died at the age of 85 on the 26th of January. Please join the Big W as spins fantastic songs from Bob’s career with The Kingston Trio on a very special Buddies Lounge tribute!

Show 388:

• Hard, Ain’t It Hard?
• Raspberries, Strawberries
• New York Girls
• Blow Ye Winds
• Rolling Stone
• Molly Dee
• The World’s Last Authentic Playboys
• The Escape of Old John Webb
• Tomorrow
• It Was a Very Good Year
• Comin’ From the Mountains
• Take Her Out of Pity
• Allentown Jail
• To Be Redeemed
• Greenback Dollar
• Mark Twain
• The Reverend Mr. Black
• Sing Out
• Jane, Jane, Jane
• Let’s Get Together
• Midnight Special
• Hope You Understand
• Stay Awhile
• Gonna Go Down The River
• The Tijuana Jail
• Tom Dooley