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A relaxing tropical Polynesian paradise filled with the lush Exotica sounds awaits you….on HI-FI TIKI presented by the BUDDIES LOUNGE.

Grab your Mai Tai and enjoy one full hour of vintage Exotica music from the Golden Age of high fidelity

Hi-Fi Tiki - Episode 1 playlist:

Quiet Village - John Buzon Trio
Zulu Love Magic - Stanley Wilson
Busy Port - Arthur Lyman
Moonflowers - Warren Barker

Taboo - The South Sea Serenaders
Baia - Tommy Morgan
Witch Doctor's Nightmare - Tito Puente
Jungle River Boat - Martin Denny
Mganga - Tak Shindo
Jungle Drums - Gene Rains
The Moon Of Manakoora - Stanley Black
River Of Dreams - Les Baxter
Pagan Love Song - Dinah Washington
Sea Breeze - The Out-Islanders
Hula-La - Chick Floyd
Bird Train - Rex Kona and his Mandarins
Beyond The Reef - Leo Diamond
Hawaiian War Chant - Werner Müller
Pearly Shells - Tennessee Ernie Ford