Pack up your bug out vehicle and load up your dual sport cause these apocalypse aficionados are going OFF ROAD BABY! Andie Bolt and Ben Ellis take his 2004 Land Rover out in the Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreation park to test out their zombie escape skills. With some other off roading buddies in tow they go over lots of tips and how to's when it comes to taking your vehicle off road! It's very red neck and very fun. Grab your koozie and a cold one. Sit back and enjoy! Well not if you're driving.. well if you're driving make the "cold one" like.. a La Croix or something!    Follow us on Twitter @travisandandie   For pics video and more search BUNKER BUDDIES on facebook or go here:   Follow Andie on Instagram for more videos, when to catch us live and more @AndieBolt   To check out the park yourself go here    Hope and Cheesecake. Stay safe out there!