Oprah, Archel Bernard aka @shopbombchel (follow her on insta.) Archel is a smart, powerful, entrepreneur who empowers women with her ethical African fashion company that helps women who are victims of assault, rape, and Ebola by giving them skills, jobs and sometimes even their education. This dope AF queen is living a life off the grid where she has to source her own power and water all while helping to change the world! The girl has Survival stories out the yin yang and shares the tips and know how. She’s had an up close and personal look at Ebola, has survived a war torn country that is just about to have its first peaceful transfer of power! Woo! In this episode we celebrate the spirit of Liberia. A spirit of absolute joy, strength and hope. So pour yourself a mimosa, sit back and enjoy cause this one is a LONG one. We love this gal and you will too. #hopeandcheesecake Check out and support Archel’s shop online: https://www.shopbombchel.com/   Contact us on Twitter @travisandandie or email travisandandie@gmail.com  Follow guest co host Ben Ellis on insta especially if you’re into cars in the outdoors @ezalis