"Guzzle Gasoline"
Survival of the Fiendish
Burger Records (2018)

WATCH THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZZTqi64TFI

LP/CD/CS - http://burgerrecords.11spot.com/timmy-s-organism-survival-of-the-fienndish.html

Timmy’s Organism – 2018 Tour Dates
10/12 Chicago IL.@Thalia Hall*
10/13 Cleve OH.@Beachland Ballroom*
10/16 Buffalo NY.@Mohawk
10/17 NYC @Warsaw*
10/18 Detroit @Marble Bar
10/19 Milwaukee @Cactus Club
10/20 Minneapp MN.@Moon Palace Books
10/21 Fargo ND @Sidestreet
10/23 Missoula MT.@the Union Bar
10/24 Seattle WA.@Funhouse
10/25 Portland OR.@the Liquor Store
10/26 San Francisco CA.@Vacation Vintage
10/27 Los Angelas CA. @Hi Hat
10/29 Phoenix AZ. @Lunch Box
10/30 El Paso TX. @Monarch
10/31 Austin TX. @Hotel Vegas~
11/1 New Orleans LA. @Poor Boys~
11/2 Atlanta GA. @the Earl~
11/3 Memphis TN. @Bar DKDC~
11/4 Nashville TN. @Cobra Lounge~
11/5 Louisvile KY. @Kaiju
11/6 Columbus OH. @Ace of cups

  • w/ Oh Sees ~ w/ John Wesley Coleman III

So this is the new album by Timmy Vulgar’s band Timmy’s Organism, so named because it’s a beast. Vulgar (guitar/vocals) made it in six months in spring 2018 with Jeff Giant (bass) and Blake “Bovver” Hill (drums), two guys who’ve been the beating about-to-burst heart of the Organism for about three albums now, including one for Third Man and one for In The Red. “I’ve been on almost every single underground garage punk label there is,” says T.V. proudly, and now he’s the fresh meat on Burger. But when you hear a Timmy Vulgar record, you will know it’s a Timmy Vulgar record and nobody else’s record, and Survival of the Fiendish is an extremely Timmy Vulgar record. Even more Vulgar! It’s as Vulgar as Vulgar gets. Sure, make connections: “Guzzle Gasoline” is like Raw Power-ed freak rock; “God of Comedy” is like Destroy All Monsters on a solo Roky nightmare trip; “Bitter Pill” is like one of those Cleveland 197X tearjerkers—Rocket From The Tombs, Dead Boys, ain’t it fun?—about losing your mind to and “Wall Of Grey” is post-apocalypse proto-punk just like Chrome and Mick Farren knew would come true. It’s been almost twenty years and Timmy Vulgar is still the king of hard-to-make (and harder to fake) rock ‘n’ freak ‘n’ roll made from black light and white heat. He’s been covered in bloodstains, killed by death, ripped from the crypt and sent back from the grave. He worked long and hard to get you this music. He went out into the dark and brought back fire. That’s what must be done to survive.