E Is For Exbats
Burger Records (2019)

The Exbats specialize in a Saturday morning cartoon sound drenched in pop culture references, which carry over to titles, lyrics, sleeve art, and video promos. Their debut album, A Guide to the Health Issues Affecting Rescue Hens, was named after a book they discovered from Googling “Exbats,” while the title of their sophomore release, I Got the Hots for Charlie Watts, references the ancient drummer of the Rolling Stones. The latter effort, released in January, has already yielded Spotify party faves like “Kill Yr Boyfriend,” named after a Grant Morrison comic book, and “Mr. Bucky,” a perverted ode to adolescent sex comedies.

Young drummer-singer Inez McLain, not yet old enough to drink in most bars that book them, was supposedly christened by her Monkees-fan mom after a nickname for Mike Nesmith (a Monkees album is briefly seen in their video for “Iolaus,” paying tribute to the Kevin Sorbo TV series). Her dad, singer-guitarist Ken Mclain, clearly shares her love of cultural kitsch, and it helps that he seems to have no problem standing next to his daughter onstage as she screams into the mic “I wanna fuck Mr. Bucky, and you do too, don’t lie it, wouldn’t be yucky at all.” - San Diego Reader