Character Development
Burger Records (2019)

Nashville musician Andy Ferro has released his 2nf album via Burger Records. The album Character Development was available on Tuesday, January 29th via Spotify and as a limited cassette release. A native of London, Ferro has previously released music with the band Ranch Ghost.Character Development came to exist through Ferro's experimentation with fast recording and production methods. I really wanted to become faster and more self-sufficient in the process of getting music out there for people to hear,so I bought a tape machine and taught myself how to use it as I was recording these songs. On how this process was different than his previous work with Ranch Ghost, Ferro said, I like to be able to write and record at the same time and end up with something useable if I really get into it. Rather than just a garage-band recording or something like that with all of these accidental magic moments that I would just end up trying to replicate later on.Character Development was mixed by Mitch Jones (Fly Golden Eagle, Thunderbith, Majestico) in his studio Lil Bivtown, where keyboard and sound effect work was added to the album a spontaneous yet clean feel. Listen To 'Character Development' On Spotify Now