Regular Vanilla
Burger Records (2019)

For those of you who pray that real, honest-to-goodness, raunchy rock n' roll doesn't get wiped off the face of this fucked up beyond all recognition planet of ours..... your time to rejoice is NOW!!! Straight Outta Kassel -the same strange German Town where King Khan decided to inseminate and incubate his new brood -a group of young blood rock n' roll romantics who go by the name of "Catch As Catch Can" have put the city back on the musical map. This quartet hollers and hoots like the wild bunch of hormone drenched fuck ups that they are. They borrow from the beautiful world of Doo Wop harmonies, they twang like the greatest surf champions, they croon like drunken sailors landing in a Hamburg brothel for the very first time! These kids grew up on great rock n' roll and they keep the circle unbroken. Imagine if the Real Kids were a bunch of kids from Germany puking and shitting their way into the hearts of all those hungry for just a little more, loud, young, snotty, beautiful Rock N' Roll..... you can expect the best!!!!! -Ravi Macdonald (tastemaker extraordinaire)