"Wilted Eden"
Wilted Eden
Burger Records (2019)

Wilted Eden, the expansive third album by L.A.'s tarnished romantics Jail Weddings is one of those rare albums recorded in "real time" chronicling the intersection between the whirlwind birth and eventual death of new love, along with the sudden unforeseen deaths of loved ones. Still standing in their 10th dizzying year, the Wall of Sound provocateurs return anew with an emotionally and musically charged 12-song epic.

The result is the sound of a veteran band that is now doing whatever the hell they want after a decade of tempering (and coining) a unique sub-genre often called death doo-wop. While a line-up change also opened new horizons, the group found the time and freedom to experiment in the studio with no gun to their heads - deploying guitar feedback, Theremin, analog synth, and skronking saxophone to their usual street-poetic, swollen-knuckle pop. Think of The Waterboys expansive "Big Music" sound on brown acid and you might come close.

LP/CD: https://jailweddings.bandcamp.com/

Burger CS: https://burgerrecords.com/product/jail-weddings-wilted-eden-cassette/