THE MEMORIES "End Of The World"
Royal United Song Service (Burger, 2017)

The Memories are a crackerjack group of players (six eccentric, but flawed geniuses you’ll note below). Think of them as a less social supergroup, the crème de la crème of the West Coast song poets society, who create songs about mundane curiosities: Dogs, dates, anxiety, succulents, and grilled cheese.

They’ve released 7 albums since forming in 2010. This is their 8th full-length album and the launch of a mysterious new service, the Royal United Song Service: A hit-making machine for real people willing to pay $100 for a private gift; a fully-customized song produced in L.A.’s slightly less major Muscle Shoals, Studio G at Gnar Tapes.

“Every song was based on other people’s memories,” says Rikky Gage, the mustached captain commandeering the RUSS. “There’s a song about an OK Cupid romance. Someone’s dog. A guy named Rivers. Stuff like that.”

“OK, Cupid” is a catchy love song written for someone’s husband. The two met on OkCupid after he sent her a message: “I like your style.” The lyric appears in the song: A throwback ballad about online flirtation turned Vegas nuptials.

Royal United Song Service launched as a fast-music operation to raise funds for the band’s first European tour. That was in 2015, as customers of the RUSS first began to submit their memories. After nearly 50 submissions, the band carefully studied each email and used them to write lyrics to songs that would be delivered to each customer. They also raised the funds to tour.

28 of the songs have been saved for a one-of-kind double-album that pastes together parts of ‘70s AM gold, advertising jingles, Beatlesesque pop, and high in concept, low in detail ‘80s dance music equipped with heart-shaped beats.

The lyrical ideas submitted by customers fattens the package of the Royal United Song Service, which will be officially released on June 30, 2017 by Burger Records, the legendary delivery service of vinyl, CD, and cassettes.

More Details:
The Memories feature members of White Fang, Colleen Green, Free Weed, Unkle Funkle, Totally You, Jerry Rogers & more! The current live line-up and players of RUSS include: Izak Arida, Rikky Gage, Lucas Gorham, Colleen Green, Unkle Funkle & Jerry Rogers. Royal United Song Service was recorded at Studio G, home of Gnar Tapes in Cypress Park from February 2015 to February 2017.

For a limited time, the service is open for business and due to high demand now charges $250 per song. Thanks for your patronage!