CPR043 Campground Pirate Radio PodcastIt’s that time o’ the week, Campers and it’s time for CPR-043 bringing you more of the best unknown, unsigned or just plain forgotten rockabilly, psychobilly, hot rod surf and punk rock.

We’ve got some brand new music from the band Blindness. Maybe a little more electronic than we’re used to but worth listening to.

Plus another entry from the Bomb-Throwing Anarchist asking the age-old question, why can’t the government just leave us alone?

Show Notes

Estrumen’n’tal Sol Si Do Si Mi Re La
Nero Burns Black Lava
Alley Dukes Cherries and Chocolate
Blue Stingrays Stingray Stomp
Rancid Killing Zone
Chuck E P.O.C.

Featured Music

Blindness Confessions
Chimp Change Mars
Christian D and the Hangovers Baby Jane

Digger Box of Letters
The Applicators My Weapon
Drunk on Tuesday Half Brain
Face to Face In Between Days

The Bomb-Throwing Anarchist Old Skool SWAT

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Dragon City
Warsaw Club Sex
Horace Pinker Just Around the Corner
Millencolin No Cigar
Memphis Morticians Devil’s Rain
Taxidermist Everybody’s Rottin’, Everybody’s Rockin’
Mercy Killers Trauma
Alwaro Negro Frisbee

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