CPR046 Campground Pirate RadioCPR-046 Campground Pirate Radio for the week ending July 8, 2011

The monsoons are back in the Desert Southwest bringing with it tons of electricity and roaring thunder. Sounds like the show I’ve whipped up for you this week!

I’ve got a bunch of featured music that folks sent in. We’ll be rocking’ These Old Bones and Billy Drados and the Sunmakers. We’ve got more from Christian D and the Hangovers new album plus we’ll introduce you to Rodeo Clown and It’ll Grow Back.

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So strap it in or strap it on, we’re gonna have a good time tonight!

Song List

The Honkeys The Wayback Machine
Less Than Jake Son of Dick
98 Mute Another Boring Day
Pop Sickle Blood is Blue
Fitz of Depression Take It Away
Crown City Bombers Haunted Memory
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited The Freddie, pt. 1
The O.C. Supertones Torque Wrench

Featured Music

These Old Bones Sexorcism
Billy Drados and the Sunmakers Starfire
Christian D and the Hangovers Sleep My Life Away
Rodeo Clown Chewing Gum for your Eyes
It’ll Grow Back I Got Mine

The Gun Club Jack on Fire
The Phantom Rockers Psycho Party
Krontjong Devils Black Boots & Bikes
The Go-Katz Long Blonde Hair

The Bomb-Throwing Anarchist Kool as James Dean

Marlene Lee & the Blue Dots High Boy Baby
The Ducky Boys Break Me
Decapitones Opus 5 in D Major
The Crystal Method Busy Child

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