CPR065Well, howdy-howdy, campers… guess who popped back with another 90 minutes of mayhem?

Yeah, yeah… I know I haven’t been all that good when it comes to gettin’ you yer weekly dose of love. The fact is, it’s been a pretty roller coaster year for yer old Unc and… well, hell… I just needed to take some time off. I’ll explain it a little more in the show.

But, I didn’t forget about you. So here’s some yum-yum for yer bum-bum.

BTW, for those of you who like to scream “racist” at the drop of a hat, you sure as hell aren’t going to like my little rant – just remember, kiddies… it’s parody. Just tryin’ to make a point. So hear it out and if you got a problem with it… well then, there ya go.

But enough of the downer disclaimers… on with the madness! Click the button above, download it off of iTunes, borrow it from yer mutha… cuz I got 90 minutes of toe-tapping madness to melt yer little thinker thingy…


Song List

Los Creepers – Devil vs. the Mooks
Rev. Horton Heat – Wiggle Stick
Arc Angels – Shape I’m In
The Peacocks – Too Good
The Loose Skrews – Vicious Cycle
OTEP – Confrontation
Bazooka Jones – Pants Off
As Cobras Maiditas – Hate to See You Go
Suicide Machines – What I Like About You
So. Culture on the Skids – Love-a-Rama
Lonesome Strangers – Goodbye Lonesome
Bro. Joscephus & the Love Revival
Bontemps Roulez
Wool – Kill the Crow
Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing
Tracy Bonham – Navy Bean
The Muffs – Sad Tomorrow
Veruca Salt – All Hail Me
The Monkees – I’m Not Your Stepping Stone
The Smithereens – A Girl Like You
Lemonheads – Mrs. Robinson
The Dandy Warhols – Grunge Betty
Everybody Be Cool
The Neanderthals – Ghoul-a-Go-Go
The Shays – Brainwashed America
The Sonics – Strychnine
Grand Funk Railroad – Black Licorice

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