Andrei Orlov : Lifting body (Le Chocolat Noir Reinterpretation) “Something New Which Surprises Even Ourselves EP” (MUSIQUES ELECTRONIQUES ACTUELLES – 2017)


Too Smooth Christ : Viper Aspis “Cleopatra's Secet Diary EP” (FUEGO INTERNATIONAL – 2017)


Too Smooth Christ : Lackin Some Iron “Angels And Voices LP” (NOCTA NUMERICA RECORDS – 2017)



Bionda Y Lupo : Zug Der Vögel “Die Kinder Aus Dem Park EP” (CHARLOIS – 2017)



Zu Dobson : Wisdom Of Rumi “Apple Knife EP” (BIRD SCARER RECORDS – 2017)



Timothy J. Fairplay : Night Ferry (Antenna Remix) “Revenge Fantasy EP” (EMOTIONAL RESPONSE - 2017)