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Happy Halloween hound dogs, cats and kittens, polish up your pumpkins, put on your scariest dancing shoes and have a listen to this monstrous show with the dastardliest DJ duo to ever emerge from the crypt! Catman Jack (O'Lantern) ably assisted by his henchman Igor (aka the rocking rhino). Together they stitch a load of songs together and wait for the lightning to strike!!

Hit the switch.......

It's Aliiiiiivve!!!

With some hauntingly good songs by -

Ron Holden
Tommy Roe
Jack & Jim
Maddy Brothers
The Velaires
Roy Clark
The Berry Kids
Fats Domino
Crew Necks
Little Richard
A.J. & The Rocking Trio
Rod Willis
Sonny Boy Williamson
Eddie Hope
Mack Allen Smith
King Size Taylor
Jimmy Wages
Jumpin' Gene Simmons
Morry Sochat & The Special 20s
Billy Nelson & The 5 Wings
Gene Summers
Jinx Jones
Fats Domino
Leroy Washington
Dusty Dave & The Heart Attacks
The Dynatones