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Hello again all you cats, kittens & hound dogs, Catman Jack is back with the Rockin' Rhino in assistance with some cool tunes for you all. We only just squeezed this show into November with it being uploaded on the 30th!!
We should be back in about 3 weeks with a rockin' Christmas show

This week has tracks by -

Georgia Gibbs
Willie Egan
Dusty Dave and the Heart Attacks
Johnny Bond
The Go Getters
The Cues
Jimmy Reed
Gene Vincent
Willie Williams
Cordwood Draggers
Poor Bob
Bobby Lonero
Big Jack Reynolds
Don French
Camille Howard
Ruth Brown
Bill Morgan
Rose Maddox
Louis Jordan
Buck Griffin
Werley Fairburn
Glen Glenn
Hillbilly Hellcats
Charlie Feathers
The Wailers

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