Wondering how much cat litter per month is enough for your furry friends? Perhaps this question comes first into your mind as a new cat owner. The good news is that dealing with the litter box doesn’t have to be a chore on your list. The amount of cat litter you need each month entirely depends on the type of cat litter you use.

Here, we’ve calculated some average amounts for each to help you budget your pet care expenses. Keep reading to find out the answer that you are looking for!

How much cat litter per month?

These are the average estimates on how much cat litter to use on a monthly basis according to the specific types of cat litter:

  • Non-clumping cat litter: 15 pounds per week or 60 pounds per month
  • Clumping cat litter: 7 to 10 pounds per week or 28 to 40 pounds per month
  • Natural cat litter (both clumping & non-clumping): 25 pounds per week or 100 pounds per month

Well, cat litter consumption isn’t an exact science. Let’s say you have one small cat with a standard litter box (18’’x24’’), so how much cat litter per week or how many pounds of litter per box to use?

On average, you will go through about 7 pounds of cat litter each week, in other words, 28 pounds per month. But if you have a large cat breed, it will need at least 10 pounds per week or around 40 pounds per month.

In fact, the actual amount required varies depending on the particular type of cat litter you are using, how frequently you change the litter box, and other important factors like your cat’s health condition.

If your little buddy is suffering from a medical condition like kidney disease, she will urinate more often. So, the requirement for cat litter goes as high as 10 to 15 pounds per week, which equals 40 to 60 pounds per month.