It isn't difficult enough to be an artist who creates something original, exciting and new. We also allow ourselves to be judged by our creations. We let other people's opinions influence our own.   I'm having that trouble with creating videos. I want perfection. And there's no such thing. See this episode on Perfect Imperfection. Fear affects most creative people. We are constantly afraid of what will people say about what we create. Is it good enough? Will people love it?    I ignore those fears most of the time. I just create.    In this episode I share some of my own fears and how they are holding me back from creating.   If you have your down creative worries, share them below.   -- If you enjoyed this episode and want more behind the scenes glimpses of my music, please join my awesome Gunn Runners on Patreon.   Now I want to ask you to head on over to Spotify and Follow My Music.    You will find links to everything I mentioned in the shownotes at where you can also subscribe to this podcast and download 21 songs for free.