A few years back, I was trying to find out how to create a great set list. I found virtually no blogs or articles on the topic. I tried again last month and the results were once again poor. 

I decided to share my own tips on how I create my awesome shows. However, I do need to give a HUGE shout out to Tom Jackson. Tom is one of the only Live Music Producers I've ever heard of. The rest are on his staff. He teaches people how to put on a great show.

I reference Tom Jackson's Live Music Method a lot in this podcast because it was my starting place for finding regular success as a live musician. I bought his All Roads Lead to the Stage DVDs and learned a lot. Of course, I had to improvise and fine tune my shows because his formula didn't entirely fit my unique musical style and performance venues. But it was again, a great starting place.

I also talk a bit about performing traditional Irish music. I've seen NO blogs or articles that talk about that style. But it's important and when mixed with Tom's Method, I feel like it works even better.

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