June was a busy month, what with my Celtic Invasion of Brittany, followed by a beach vacation and then a big show in Indianapolis at Inconjunction where I was Guest of Honor. I'm happy to be home. But I have a lot of news to share this July 2017, including Firefly CD news, new products and plans for lots of new shows in 2018.

Summer CD Giveaway is over. I had fun giving away CDs, but I realize I'm losing far too much money with my generosity, money I don't have to waste.

YouTube Videos from Celtic Invasion Vacation are scheduled for Fridays. The latest is a Dolmen I shot at the end of the month. Watch and listen.

I'm slowly making progress on As Long As I'm Flyin', my next Firefly album. I printed tote bags, but still need to make songbooks, shirts, and fliers for getting the album for free when you become a patron.

I'm preparing to release Celtfather Classic USB at GenCon. Though officially it won't come out until November later this year. 

I released a Hobbit eBook earlier this month. It's called How to Have a Hobbit Birthday Party. It's a short but a fun read with lots of tips for birthday folk.

When you buy the Irish & Celtic Music Podcasts 2017 Sainted Song Henger Collection in July, you'll get 10 Celtic CDs from my archive. It's just the liner notes and CD. But there's a LOT of great music.

Or you can just buy one of my CDs. I've added a bunch on Bandcamp. For every CD of mine you buy, you'll get 3 additional Celtic CDs from my collection. I'll even autograph them. Buy CDs now!

Upcoming Shows
  • Birmingham Farmer's Market at the end of the month
  • Concert Window TBA
  • Brobdingnagian Bards booked for DragonCon
  • 4 shows at GenCon, tickets still available, Comedy Cabaret
  • Shows in 2018

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