I had a rockin’ show at  ShadowCon last night here in West Memphis. I saved my set list and thought I’d like to share it. But I’ve been turning this into an audio blog, so I decided instead to talk about the show as a podcast. Hopefully, you’ll find it fun to listen to. 

Here is the final Set List that I remember:

  1. Kilted
  2. Slainte Mhaith
  3. Mikey’s Jedi Drinking Song
  4. Close Your Eyes
  5. Doctor of Gallifrey
  6. Reavers, Malcolm, Reavers
  7. Name on my Soul
  8. Mingulay Cat Song
  9. Catnipped Kitty
  10. Wild Mountain Thyme
  11. Bring Me Home, Boys
  12. Come Take a Trip in My Airship

I also played 3 encore songs:

  1. A Drop of Vulcan Blood
  2. Monahan’s Mudder’s Milk
  3. Old Dun Cow