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Hosted by Raymond McCullough, in Belfast, Northern Ireland:  

with music from:

Siochana, (Newfoundland, Canada) - 

'Leaving of Liverpool/Cock of the North', (On Our Own

Matthew Fagan, (Victoria, Australia) - 

'Renaissance', (Voyages & Journeys)


Janet Bates, (Oregon, USA) -

'Let that rich man pay for a change', (For All of his Wealth


Gillian Boucher, (Nova Scotia, Canada) - 

'Farewell to Muswell Hill', (Elemental


Tyler Shea, (Nova Scotia, Canada) - 

'Your Secret's Safe With Me', (Paper Hearts


Natalie Brown, (Iowa, USA) - 

'Ten Past The Dragon', (Violin Crossings


Jimmy Burnevik, (Minnesota, USA) - 

'Color of Blue', (Color of Blue


Ennis, (Newfoundland, Canada) - 

'Sing You Home', (Lessons Learned)