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Israel "Cachao" Lopez Showcase 1957-1986

Legendary Cuban bassist who revolutionized the music scene since the late 30s when his brother Orestes and him created a new version of the danzon. The danzon is a Cuban ballroom dance that evoked from the 1870s from the French contradanza. They created a mambo section within the music they debuted on radio in 1938. Cachao was also a member of the Havana Philharmonic Orchestra since he was 13 until he was 44. He and his brother were part of Arcaño Y Sus Maravillas were they composed most of the repertoire and by 1943 had become one the most popular orchestras in Cuba with their danzon-mambo sound. These were the early manifestations of the mambo rhythm before it swept the island and later worldwide. He was also involved in the first descarga sessions which were jams played in a looser format akin to jazz within Cuban idioms. The label Panart released a few albums of this style and in '57 released Cachao's Cuban Jam Sessions In Miniature Descargas which became the classic album from this era. Featuring the most influential percussionist team of Guillermo Barreto on timbales, Tata Güines on congas and Rogelio "Yeyito" Iglesias on bongos. This mix includes tracks from following descarga albums as well as some danzon albums he did in the late 50s and early 60s.
By '61 he left Cuba to Spain and arrived in the States in '63. He played and recorded with a number of artists during this time and we include some of these tracks. Besides doing session work he was part of various groups for a spell such as Candido, Eddie Palmieri and Machito. He moved to Las Vegas where he was a member of the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra. Through musicologist Rene Lopez and producer Henry Fiol for Salsoul records they recreated the descargas and danzones on a couple of albums done in the late 70s. He was reunited by trumpet players Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros and Alejandro "El Negro" Vivar from their earlier Panart sessions since the 50s.
In the early 80s he was now in Miami during session work and playing with the Miami Symphony Orchestra. He was brought back into the spotlight by the 90s after the actor Andy Garcia directed a documentary of Cachao (Como Su Ritmo No Hay Dos '93) and two well received albums called Master Sessions. Both earning Grammy nominations and the first one recieving Best Tropical Latin Album in '95. He also recorded an album reuniting with Bebo Valdes who Cachao recorded with in the first released descarga back in '52. Garcia also produced another film of Cachao with DOC Film Institute called Cachao: Uno Mas in '98. He passed away in March of that year from kidney failure at the age of 89. Considered one of the most influential musicians beyond Afro-Cuban music as the jazz fusion bassist Jaco Pastorius called him his favorite bassist. No hay nadie igual.

1 Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente - Descarga Cubana
2 Fajardo & His All Stars - Busca Una Chinita
3 Cachao Y Su Tipica - Panchitin
4 Cachao Y Su Tipica - Isora Club
5 Cachao Y Su Orquesta - Siboney
6 Chico O'Farrill - Descarga No. 2
7 Cachao Y Su Combo - La Luz
8 Walfredo De Los Reyes - Las Boinas De Cachao
9 Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente - A Gozar Timbero
10 Cachao Y Su Combo - Descarga Ñañiga
11 Cachao Y Su Conjunto - El Bombin De Perucho
12 Dave Pike - Montuno Orita
13 Tito Rodriguez & His Orchestra - Descarga Malanga
14 Joe Cain & His Orchestra - Pa-Pa Bajo
15 Eddie Palmieri & His Orchestra - Ay Que Rico
16 Candido - Almendra
17 Patato Y Totico - Que Linda Va
18 Cachao Y Su Descarga '77' - A Ti No Te Falta Nada
19 Cachao - Trombon Melancolico
20 Israel Lopez "Cachao" Y Su Descarga '86 - Walapataca II
21 Louis Bellson & Walfredo De Los Reyes - Salsa Con Cinco
22 Miami All Stars - Evocacion Suite Deux Movements Andante Non Troppo Allergro Briosso

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