We're doing a new special segment, called "Tone Tips". These segments are a bit shorter in nature, and feature tips about getting better done, and demonstrating them.

For years I had always wanted the ability to be able to show up to a gig with my Blackface amp (which I preferred with overdrive pedals), but I wanted a Vox-y chimey type of clean tone when necessary. I worked on different variations of circuits over the years, trying to achieve this. Finally, I hit upon it. That circuit became the Ace 30, which then became the 30 Something. Why the name change? Long story.

Anyway, the 30 Something pedal really excels at being what Lotus Pedals coined "an Underdrive". Yes, it can get a bit gainy, but using it as a clean platform is where it shines. It also works very well when you stack other overdrives into it, getting a sound very similar to what it would be like if you ran that pedal into those British style chimey amps.

So in this special episode of The Chasing Tone Podcast we bring you a demonstration of a Vox AC-30, AC-15, and a deluxe reverb with and without the 30 Something.