One of the most common questions we get through our website is this:
"How should I set my _____ pedal to get the sound from this song ______ ?”

Unfortunately, that's something that we can't really answer. It depends on a myriad of different things including but not limited to what amp you're playing, how you have it set, what guitar you're playing, how loud you're playing, and that's not even taking into account the playing style... as there is indeed alot to be said for "tone is in the fingers".

In this special Tone Tips edition of Chasing Tone, Brian takes three pedals, the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, the Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive, and the Proco Rat Distortion, sets them all the exact same, and plays through 6 totally different amps.

However, with that said, we do of course offer a "starting point" for different sounds in our own manuals but it's just a point of reference. Sound is more complicated than knob settings. ;)

Of course, even though it's a clickbaity title, there are indeed exceptions. Delays and reverbs for example are a little easier to predict how to set to get certain tones and sounds, but dirt pedals? That's a different animal.

Also, Brian was incorrect about the Nobels, looks like they are about $100 now. You can find them on amazon though:

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