Blake and Brian are back and tired. That may be what kept them kind of on topic? A little? <p>

So which came first? The Boss SD-1 or the Ibanez TS-9? And what are the differences? The guys take a look at the question.<p>

DSP has not really been an entry level tech for most DIYer’s. But there is an exciting opportunity on kickstarter that may change that. You can check out the campaign and get more info at - Oh and the guys talk about it too <p>

And Joyo has introduced some interesting new effects pedals. Brian and Blake take a look at some of their offerings.<p>

Forum Marketing, good or bad? Hidden gems in iso tracks, Conor McGregor on a gear podcast? And the secret compartment in Boss Pedals. The secret is out. (Don’t tell your mom) All in this weeks Chasing Tone podcast.<p>

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