Brian and Blake are back for another episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast

Ever heard of Quora? It is a website of questions and answers. One of the questions asked what effects company makes the most unique pedals. As you can guess, that led to quite the conversation.

You may have seen Wampler’s latest creation, the Terraform, at NAMM. You may also be waiting for it’s official release as Brian and the team put the final touches on it. Brian has an update on the progress.

Blake came across a pedal “the size of a table” on Reverb’s Instagram. Close to 20 stomp switches and knobs for days. What is it? And how many pedals make up this beast? The guys search out the details and talk about it.

Podcast evolution, Leslie speaker follow up, and farm life on Wampler Road?  It is all in this episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast.

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