Brian and Blake are back with another episode of the Chasing Tone podcast.

Apparently Fender sent out a little teaser for a new guitar they are ready to release. The design puts some new twists on the Fender look. The guys talk about the new developments and where you may be able to get your hands on one.
Internet trolls. They can be annoying and even sometimes amusing (to a point)  Brian shares the posts that had he and Josh Scott (JHS) scratching their heads.

NGD. Usually means New GEAR day, and for Blake that is true. But for Brian it means new GOAT day. His goats had a couple of kids (awwww) but the runt has to have some extra TLC. Find out what new pedal Blake got and how Brian is spoiling a goat.

Neckbeards in grandma’s basement, Ukuleles with B Benders, germanium myths.  It’s all in this week’s episode of the Chasing Tone podcast.

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