Brian and Blake are back and once again joined by Wampler’s own Richard Oliver in this weeks episode.

Blake has a ghost story about a local theme park he and the family frequent. It even made an episode of Ghost Hunters. You will be surprised at the software the hunters were using. 

Strings. Six, seven or eight? The guys talk about their experiences with more strings and what the differences are like and how they dealt with them.

NAMM has gone virtual and there are a lot of new releases coming this weekend. Brian, Blake and Richard look at some of the new gear coming from PRS, Gibson, Boss as well as some small companies with some cool gear offerings.

Our government recently released some classified info on UFO’s. Are they out there? We want to believe.

The new Macs are coming and have Blake and Richard excited. They talk about the coming upgrades and how they see it impacting the performance of some of the main stream programs. 

It’s all in this week’s Chasing Tone Podcast.

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