Funny out takes with Travis, Brian and Max.0:32 - Redneck Jedi1:41 - Brian Needs A New Watch2:33 - Struggle Snuggle Pt II6:13 - Brian's Mom is a Tone Chaser8:55 - Hashbrown Huh?9:48 - Dad Always Liked You Best10:45 - NERDS!! And Repeater Guy12:08 - Dad Still Likes Me Best13:17 - Max Got Married14:47 - Hashbrown Old18:35 - Big Head Travis19:45 - Boots, Selling Out, and Daddy Issues20:51 - Don't Void Your Warranty23:39 - Dude Looks Like a Lady25:14 - So There I WasFind us at: http://www.WamplerPedals.com

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