Ok.... so I am going to give this show a 3rd shot. Let's hope the 3rd time is the charm. This is the show that I have not had luck with. 1RST time the Phone died, and the 2nd time we had a sick pervert caller that ruined the show and I had to reschedule. Let's hope it works today.
On this special episode I will be talking all about cookies. I was suppose to have this show last week,but we had a inapporiate caller. Just my luck, but I am bringing it to you this week .. Cookies are that one bakery item that everyone has to have. Cookies are also a big hit around holidays. On this show I will be disscussing what a cookie is, the different types of cookies (bar, drop, rolled, etc.), the different kinds of cookies, and basic cookie ingredients. I also will be discussing the mixing method used for cookies and other baked goods. The Creaming method. One of my favorite mixing methods. I will be giving out my peanut butter m@m cookies, white chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cookies, and even my delicious pb kisses blossom cookie recipe. A great show is indeed in store if you love cookies! I have 3 questions which will win you 3 recipes of your choosing and the chance to be a special guest and a shout out. If you have any cookie questions please call in at 646-716-6458. Feel free to call in to ask cookie questions, tell us your favorite cookies, and what you like best about making homemade cookies. I'm a curious person, so call in and tell us what cookies you like, etc. 646-716-6458