On this show, I will be doing the show of you the listeners and fans of your choosing! That's right you guys choose this show!  This show is being brought via the 20 likes for my Facebook page Chef Cardinale's cooking show, this was the show of your choosing! Hope you enjoy it!!!!! Many kids went back to school this week or at the end of August last week. So we are going to do an awesome back to school 2013 special show just for you.  Do you have kids in school? Grand kids? Well then tune in to this show to learn all about it!!! We wil be having a special guest on the show. My best friend Deb Cassidy will be joining me. Deb is a teacher and a parent so she knows a lot about school. Deb is going to be talking school lunches and after school snacks! I am going to be talking about why breakfast is important for kids, my killer back to school lunch box lunches, how to be successful in school and so much more. Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 with any cooking baking or school questions for Deb and I to answer.
Feel free to call in  at 646-716-6458 with any questions, on cooking baking, or school!!! Enjoy the show!!!!